Outdoor King SAU is the official distributor in Spain Hunter since 2007, renowned British firm footwear

For over 150 years, Hunter has merged the functionality of a good shoe with fashion without losing the British style so characteristic. Specialist contemporary and authentic footwear and accessories, Hunter is a symbol of the British style that never goes out of style.

Since 1850, Hunter has been designing and manufacturing rubber boots as adapted to the weather of the UK. Making your boots requires a special process of vulcanization of rubber from which they are made, and today have adapted this process of traditional manufacturing, combined with the techniques of production and processing of innovative materials, giving the brand and boots of prestige and recognition worldwide. The boots are made with more natural rubber hard and flexible, allowing a better adaptation to other boots made of artificial materials. Today, the reputation of the performance of the Hunter boots as well as its durability and exceptional comfort, is legendary

Designed to excel in any situation, from the city to music festivals, to land on the stony field, footwear Hunter is renowned for its performance, durability and comfort-achieved from a combination of tradition and technology. Fashion experts have been able to test the Hunter boots, agree in defining the British brand firmly established as a fashion icon.

Hunter is a brand that can be proud of having two real distinctions: the royal seal of the Duke of Edinburgh, awarded in 1977, and the actual distinctive imposed by the Queen of England in 1986.