Since 1993 ARSEREX S.A.U has been dedicated to distributing ARENA sporting goods in Spain as well as in Portugal since 2008.

ARENA has presently become the worldwide market leader in the aquatic sports goods.

Due to its dedicated market focus, ARENA has gained a strong confidence in its design, innovation and technological advancements, allowing it to fulfill the needs of the best swimming champions in the world. Arena has been able to take this experience and knowledge and transfer it to the development of the general consumers needs.

In its commitment with the high-level competition the brand has strengthened its technical swimsuit collection with the highest technology as Powerskin styles that have gone together with the greatest champion athletes in the podiums of the major swimming events in Europe and in the world. Since 2013 Arena has driven the brand to new sports categories with the launch of its new Triathlon collection.

ARSEREX S.A.U. has also focused its philosophy on further developing the importance of aquatic sports in Spain and Portugal, through sponsoring the best Spanish swimmers, swimming clubs and promoting sporting events.

Through ARENA, ARSEREX S.A.U. is distributing its products in the biggest chains in Spain and Portugal, such as El Corte Inglés, Intersport, Base Detall Sport, Fórum, Decimas, Calderón Sport and Sport Zone, among many more.