About Project:

TEVA was born more than 30 years ago in Colorado’s Grand Canyon (USA), when Mark Tatcher, a river guide, produced the first sport strap-sandal based on his own experience. That is how “TEVA”, whose name (pronounced “teh-vah”) means nature in Hebrew, came to be. Since then, it has positioned itself as the footwear industry’s benchmark with a broad range of products that covers the needs of the professional adventurer, as well as those of the “fashionistas”. Their classic high performance Terra-Fi sandal is iconic in the Outdoor market, while their Originals sandals collection is ideal for the fashion stores. Today, TEVA is known as the original strap-sandal, and has a silhouette that has inspired the rest of the industry.

OUTDOOR KING S.A.U. has been the official TEVA distributor in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, since 2003.