Diadora SportsWear

About Project:

Founded in Italy in 1948, DIADORA is one of the pioneer brands that have contributed in making sporting equipment a staple in our closets. It has always been tied to the best athletes, and it has an endless list of sponsorship deals that include world champions in various sports, Olympic medalists, and even Formula 1 racers. A current DIADORA athlete is Daniele Meucci, winner in the European Marathon Championship.

With their great sporting heritage, their iconic styles have become style benchmarks thanks to their HERITAGE product line. Their classic Italian design, high quality leather, and the premium finishing touches, are the main components of the brand’s DNA.

With respect to their Sportwear line, the new editions of their legendary N9000 or their B.Elite style are the objects of desire of collectors and they are focal pieces in the best “Sneakers” boutiques around the world.

ATHLETIC KING S.A.U. has been the official distributor of DIADORA’s Heritage and Sportswear categories in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, since 2014.